Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Funeral Procession Begins Michael Jackson

LOS ANGELES - Michael Jackson Family has started a funeral ceremony attended by family. The ceremony was deliberately limited to be done before the ceremony was held for the general public. News.com.au be, Tuesday (7/7/2009), Jacko three children attend the solemn event titled 'Celebration for Life' which was held in Forest Lawn cemetery area in the Hollywood Hills. Paris, Jacko children aged 11 years, all the airmata. Family and friends near Jacko akan join again with the public at Staples Center, Los Angeles, at 10.00 am local time. Family hopes, burial will be held successfully, although the predicted millions of people will attend the funeral of legendary pop stars. Meanwhile, visibility in the Staples Center area and the cemetery has its news search. Even from the air, looks kru television spin menglilingi area events and the funeral route. The plan, remains former husband of Lisa Marie Presley will be brought to the Staples Center fans to salute the past. (ang) Source:http://celebrity.okezone.com/read/2009/07/07/33/236524/prosesi-pemakaman-jacko-dimulai-anaknya-banjir-airmata

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